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Innovative Ed-Tech Software Development Agency based in Shimla & Noida.

We specialize in creating tech solutions for the education sector to help improve learning outcomes. And we’ve been doing it since the 90’s, providing solutions on Ed-Tech.

Work Culture

We at MinervaInfo believe that one has to take a holistic, long-term view in the field of IT with particular emphasis on training of future technologists.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Honesty with ourselves, each other, our clients, and our community. Whatever we say the price will be, we will honor our commitment. We continuously support our team by providing leadership development.

Being Good People

We've built strong relationships with clients by developing quality solutions with transparency. Most importantly, after a decade of success, we still believe that being good people is the best marketing strategy.

Ed-Tech Solutions

Providing Ed-Tech solutions through web and mobile applications, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience in the educational experience.

Web Design Concept

Web Design

Translate client and user needs to create blueprints that map out the layout and functionality of critical pages or screens, and the flows between them.

Application Development

Build mobile-optimized websites and applications of all shapes and sizes. Build and maintain CSM websites on many platforms.


We are driven by values

Our company values integrity, teamwork, and innovation.

We believe in doing the right thing, always being honest and transparent, and treating others with respect. We value teamwork because we know that collectively, we can achieve much more than we can alone. And we embrace innovation because it drives progress and allows us to continually improve and grow.

Our Clients

We help our customers connect with theirs.

Let’s work together on your next great project

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